5 Reasons to Drink Loose Leaf Tea this Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Today is a great time to reflect on changes we can make in our lifestyle to help our planet. Being tea drinkers, how can tea help with a healthier planet? Here are 5 ways that drinking loose leaf tea can be environmentally friendly:

1. Less Packaging 

Loose leaf tea typically has less packaging than commercial tea bags which creates less garbage and litter.

2. Compostable

Loose leaf tea can easily be compostable. If you have a compost, it’s often best to discard your used leaves there instead of the garbage. Many people also use tea leaves in their garden as a natural fertilizer. 

3. Many commercial tea bags are not fully biodegradable.

Some tea bags may contain micro-plastics making them not biodegradable. Choosing tea filters that are biodegradable ensures that there is no waste left behind! 

4. Re-usable tea infusers

Teapots, metal strainers, gaiwans, and other tea making equipment are all waste free allowing your tea time to be litter free. 

5. Sourcing teas that are organic and sustainable 

There is many teas that are certified organic in Canada or grown with organic practices. It is also important to know where your tea is sourced from to ensure that the tea is made ethically and sustainably.