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It's Official! International Tea Day is May 21

The United Nations General Assembly has officially designated May 21st at the official International Tea Day!

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Research News: Keep your brain healthy...drink tea!

New research out of Singapore suggests that regular tea drinking protects from age-related brain decline

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Tea Trivia #4: Introducing LaKyrsiew Cloud Tea - why this exquisite tea is being sought out by tea lovers in-the-know

You may already be familiar with Darjeeling or Assam Teas, but LaKyrsiew Cloud Tea is the delicate, rare tea of exceptional quality from a tiny corner of North East India in the breathtakingly beautiful Khasi Hills that is being eagerly sought out by tea lovers in-the-know.   The province of Meghalaya is called “the Abode of Clouds” in the local dialect, which is why tea from this area is known as Cloud Tea.    LaKyrsiew Boutique Organic Tea Garden LaKyrsiew translates to "awakening" in the Khasi language, which is so appropriate for this relatively new tea estate initially planted on virgin soil...

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Tip #7: Fast and easy iced fruit tea for those hot summer days...

What is more refreshing that a glass of cold, iced fruit tea on a hot summer day?  One of the most common questions we get asked during the summer is "how do you make your iced fruit tea?"   So we thought we'd put the response on our blog again and update it.    Below is the easiest way we've found to make fruit based iced tea. This works for Solar Fantasia, Ursa Major, Copacabana and Osiris.   Make extra and freeze it to just thaw and enjoy throughout the summer or anytime.   1.  Using a heat proof tea press, pot or...

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Tip #6 How important is your water temperature when making tea?

The answer is VERY IMPORTANT!   Depending on what type of tea you are steeping, this is often the difference between a great cup of tea or a bitter disappointment (literally). If you are lucky enough to have a kettle with various temperature settings (think gift ideas) then you can just use that at your guide.   For everyone else, here is our guide for getting the right water temperatures for your tea...

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