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Break free from tea bags this Earth Day!

Did you know that switching to loose leaf tea is one simple step we can all do towards helping to save our planet?  This year celebrates the 50th anniversary of Earth Day with the theme of "climate action".  As you likely have already discovered, loose leaf tea is  much fresher than most tea from tea bags with a much, much wider range of options.  Plus it is better for our planet!!Why is loose leaf tea more environmentally friendly? Fewer packaging materials and therefore less garbage / litter Loose leaf tea can be easily composted Many commercial tea bags are not fully biodegradable Re-usable...

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Drink tea to help relieve symptoms of a dry cough

Both green and black tea have anti-inflammatory properties that sooth sore throats and treat dry cough conditions.   Here are some things you can try...

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It's Official! International Tea Day is May 21

The United Nations General Assembly has officially designated May 21st at the official International Tea Day!

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Research News: Keep your brain healthy...drink tea!

New research out of Singapore suggests that regular tea drinking protects from age-related brain decline

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Tea Trivia #4: Introducing LaKyrsiew Cloud Tea - why this exquisite tea is being sought out by tea lovers in-the-know

You may already be familiar with Darjeeling or Assam Teas, but LaKyrsiew Cloud Tea is the delicate, rare tea of exceptional quality from a tiny corner of North East India in the breathtakingly beautiful Khasi Hills that is being eagerly sought out by tea lovers in-the-know.   The province of Meghalaya is called “the Abode of Clouds” in the local dialect, which is why tea from this area is known as Cloud Tea.    LaKyrsiew Boutique Organic Tea Garden LaKyrsiew translates to "awakening" in the Khasi language, which is so appropriate for this relatively new tea estate initially planted on virgin soil...

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