Tea Trivia #1: Why drink Mountain or "High Altitude" Tea?

The most delicate flavours can be found from teas produced on tea estates located at high elevations such as those in Darjeeling or Nepal in the Himalayan mountains or other high elevation growing areas in China, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and elsewhere.  "High Altitude" teas are defined as those grown at elevations of 1,000m (3,300 feet)  or more.

High altitudes produce the perfect combinations of ideal temperatures and drainage to manage the vast quantities of rain required to grow premium teas.   The weather conditions are different, often resulting in thick mists that filter the sun's rays and moisten the leaves so they are usually more tender than leaves grown al lower altitudes.  The closer to the equator, the higher the elevation where tea trees can thrive.  

Teas grown at higher elevations are highly sought after.   Explore our Misty Mountain Tea Company Single Estate high altitude teas and see the difference for yourself!