Break free from tea bags this Earth Day!

Did you know that switching to loose leaf tea is one simple step we can all do towards helping to save our planet?  This year celebrates the 50th anniversary of Earth Day with the theme of "climate action".  As you likely have already discovered, loose leaf tea is  much fresher than most tea from tea bags with a much, much wider range of options.  Plus it is better for our planet!!

Why is loose leaf tea more environmentally friendly?
  1. Fewer packaging materials and therefore less garbage / litter
  2. Loose leaf tea can be easily composted
  3. Many commercial tea bags are not fully biodegradable
  4. Re-usable tea infusers eliminate waste
  5. An increasing number of loose leaf teas are organic
Earth day is Wednesday, April 22, 2020.  Unlike "Earth Hour" it runs for 24 hours.  

Share photos and images of how you observed Earth Day at home this year using the hashtag #EarthDayAtHome (hopefully drinking loose leaf tea)  Join in the 24 hours of actions at to drive actions big and small for people and the planet.