Tea Trivia #4: Introducing LaKyrsiew Cloud Tea - why this exquisite tea is being sought out by tea lovers in-the-know

You may already be familiar with Darjeeling or Assam Teas, but LaKyrsiew Cloud Tea is the delicate, rare tea of exceptional quality from a tiny corner of North East India in the breathtakingly beautiful Khasi Hills that is being eagerly sought out by tea lovers in-the-know.   The province of Meghalaya is called “the Abode of Clouds” in the local dialect, which is why tea from this area is known as Cloud Tea.   

LaKyrsiew Boutique Organic Tea Garden

LaKyrsiew translates to "awakening" in the Khasi language, which is so appropriate for this relatively new tea estate initially planted on virgin soil in 2002 and carved into just 25 acres on the hillside bordering the banks of Umiam Lake at an altitude of 3,000 - 3,900 ft.  This exquisite tea garden is an enclave in the wild, where monkeys, wild boar, civet, spotted deer, abundant local and migratory birds and even the occasional leopard are frequent visitors.

Everything you know about fine wines is true of fine tea.  The exact patch of earth (terroir), the pH of the soil, the gradient of how it drains, when and how long the sun hits the leaves in the morning and throughout the day and the careful crafting of the tea determines the flavour.

Cultivated organically from the start on their ancestral lands, the owners of LaKyrsiew pursue the quality of their tea at the expense of everything else - very fine plucking, careful handling of the green leaf, careful withering and rolling, careful drying and sorting and discarding anything that doesn't meet their standards.

Tea this fresh - plucked in early spring 2017 - is extremely hard to come by in Canada.  Order on-line here or come out to one of our upcoming markets for your chance to try this delightful, rare tea!!