Tip #2: Try Cold Steeping - the ultimate way to make iced tea

If you haven't yet discovered "cold steeping" this is the time to try it with the hot, summer days soon upon us.  I was absolutely amazed to find how simple it is to make iced tea this way.   It is never bitter and results in a crystal clear tea - never cloudy, which can often happen when you steep tea in hot water and then chill it.

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1.  Use any non-metalic, non-porous pitcher

2.  Make it by the glass or pitcher.  The quantities below make 1.5 litres of tea.

3.  Measure our 2 heaping tablespoons of any loose leaf tea into a 1.5 litre jug.

4.  Add freshly drawn, filtered water (we like using tap water that has gone through a Brita filter).  This is important because particulates in your tap water can alter the taste - and typically not in a good way.  

5.  Cover and put in your refrigerator overnight.  

6.  In the morning, remove the tea leaves in their strainer (if using) or simply pour the cold infused tea through any kitchen strainer into another container.

7.   Sweeten, if desired.  Pour over ice and voila!  Crystal clear, delicious iced tea ready to enjoy. 

Note:  You can cold steep any tea (black, green, white, wulong), but I do recommend you try cold steeping just 1 cup of tea first to make sure you like the end result.   For 1 cup of cold steeped tea, follow the instructions above, but just use 2 teaspoons of tea in 250 mls of water.  

Try adding sliced fruit (limes, lemons, oranges, peaches, apples, etc) or crushed berries to your tea as you cold steep it to add additional flavours and variety.