Emerald Empress - Organic Jasmine Green Tea

Emerald Empress - Organic Jasmine Green Tea

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Organic Jasmine Green Tea

Delightfully scented jasmine green tea from Fuzhou City - the birthplace of Jasmine Tea.  

The warm and humid climate and mountainous terrain of Fuzhou City along the south eastern coast of Fujian Province provides an excellent environment for both tea plants and jasmine bushes. 

Taste the difference - fragrant jasmine blossoms' scent absorbed by this fine green tea during production at place of origin.  

Can be steeped 4 times. 

30 g or 60 g

Steeping Temperature:

Steeping Time: 1st and 2nd Steepings 1 - 2 mins;  3rd and 4th Steepings:  3 - 4 mins

Ingredients:  Jasmine scented, organic green tea from Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China