Kamet Chai - Cream Vanilla Chai Black Tea

Kamet Chai - Cream Vanilla Chai Black Tea

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Cream Vanilla Chai Black Tea

India is famous for introducing chai tea to Canada and elsewhere throughout the world.   Chai tea vendors (called chai wallahs) make their tea fresh each day and sell it by the cup to passersby throughout India from morning to night.   Recently a chai wallah, Arshad Khan, was catapulted into international fame when a picture of him serving chai tea reverberated throughout the world on social media.   Although his piercing eyes and good looks won him a modeling contract, we think our Kamet Chai tea must be very close in taste to his equally winning tea.  Named after the 2nd highest mountain in India, creamy vanilla paired with traditional chai spices makes this chai tea one you will want to drink cup after cup.  

50g and 100g

Steeping Temperature:  100°C Bring water to a boil and then pour over leaves

Steeping Time:  3 - 5 minutes

Ingredients:  Blend of black teas from Assam, Malabar Coast and high elevation Sri Lanka;  ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, pepper, calendula petals, natural flavours